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Castillo’s Building & Remodeling Inc.

At Castillo’s Building & Remodeling Inc., we want nothing but your comfort in working with us and we truly believe that open communication is vital towards making your construction dreams a reality. Being that we greatly value your time and business we take extra care to ensure we are all on the same page at all times, meaning; regular updates, consultations, continued updates and peace of mind through the entirety of your vision.

Concrete Framing & Plumbing

Castillo’s Building & Remodeling Inc. is committed to delivering a perfectly finished product where our design management team streamlines the development process to mitigate risks, and maximize funds ensuring the quick and affordable construction of your dream construction.


A home construction project can easily have many different companies and people working on the design and building. This includes designers, contractors, subcontractors, and sub-consultants– all of which can become costly if there isn’t sufficient and diligent oversight. This can cause stress and anxiety for homeowners who simply want to improve their living space.