Tenant Improvements

Making Your Vision A Reality

After finding the perfect location for your office, retail, or warehouse space, making tenant improvements is the next step to creating your ideal space. The improvements and construction are typically negotiated between the tenant and landlord before signing the lease, and will be included in the agreement. The landlord will most likely cover part of the cost, depending on how much of the interior needs to be finished. Tenant improving a building that has not been finished before will cost a bit more than a space that has previously been finished and occupied. When searching for office locations, keep in mind the amount of tenant improvements that will need to be completed before moving in so you can stay within your budget and time frame.

Even if your new location has already been built out before, each tenant has different requirements of the that space that need to be altered or added during the tenant improvement. Consider how your company will be using the space, and what kind of elements will improve functionality and fit the culture of your employees and clients. You are constructing the essential layout, which the rest of the office is built off of. Designing reception areas, communal spaces, and conference rooms create a feel for the space before any furniture or decorations are even added.

Tenant improvements can include removing existing walls, constructing new walls, adding new flooring and painting. Interior finishes also include electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Tenant build outs do not include office furniture, but having an idea of future decorating and office furniture plans when designing your tenant improvements is beneficial.

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