Our Process

Making Your Vision A Reality

Castillo’s Building Inc. would like to share the process by which we have relied on for continued success on all our projects. Quality work, affordability, and our ethical values are the foundation of our mission statement and it is our objective to deliver your project with minimal to no conflict as our purpose is to problem solve and streamline the construction process. Castillo’s Building Inc. is able to guarantee and deliver on these promises thanks to our dedicated team who through hard work, resolve, and tribulation have developed a level chemistry and trust that is second to none in our field of business, and thanks to such development we are able to depend, rely, and guarantee the delivery of timely practices.


From its inception Castillo’s Building Inc. has made it an objective for itself to find any potential issues that may arise down our horizon and to either self-correct or improve the overall roadmap. We believe that in order to attain a greater understanding of our project and its held vision we must understand the situation and environment as in depth as possible so as to better refashion this vision into reality.


Team members within the Castillo’s family compile their work and findings throughout the estimating process on one interface, thereby further eliminating potential conflicts that may have otherwise risen. This process allows for us to generate documentation whereby we can easily explain the roadmap to the work ahead so as to ensure we are cognitively collective on our thought process.


Throughout both the estimating and construction phases, we propose to hold regularly scheduled meetings where Castillo’s Building Inc. and our client discuss progress and potential concerns. We anticipate that these meetings will be thirty minutes to an hour in length and will take place, generally, on a weekly basis. There may be periods where the meetings may be more or less frequent, depending on the issue at hand; however, it is Castillo’s Building Inc.’s responsibility to ensure good communication. Our project team will document our meeting and minutes and given to the appropriate representatives.


Our preparative and preventative measures ensures all points of interest and concern are met, ensuring our projects are delivered on budget and most importantly guaranteeing completion in the timely fashion promised to our customers.


Cost Savings should not be a goal in itself, but rather a part of the contractors broader objective of creating value. It all begins with an initial collaborative discussion regarding our basic construction solutions and its affiliations to our clients. Our team then prepares a detailed diagrammatic estimate in order to evaluate the benefits and pitfalls concerning the scope of work and current site conditions.

We look forward to hearing about your next project, let us know how we can help!